Photographed in the morning sun falling at The Royal Palace of Kathmandu, in the majestic, mountain locked country of Nepal and in Singapore´s tropical beaches, Baliza’s new edition explores summer in a fairy-tale like, whimsical mood with hues that compliment mountain sun, as much the lazy sunsets over the ocean. Our muses, Anisha Shahi, a Nepalese designer and Brie Doffing, a talented artist from LA, love the ocean and supporting meaningful causes.

Using traditional crafts, hand-done embroidery, block printing, and ancient motifs, Baliza’s new collection is handcrafted with love, colours and respect at Ladli, Jaipur supporting local crafts of the region and community, with all organic cotton and natural materials that not just suit your skin but is sustainable from the beginning of it’s production process until the end.”