Artisan Stories

Kamla Devi

Supervisor of Vocational Studies, Quality Control, and Women Welfare at Ladli.

Working with Ladli since last 16 years, has two children.

What do you believe in?

I strongly believe in Karma, and good actions. Every good action creates a series of other good actions from you and others around you, hence I believe in the work that I do – the work gives me a lot of inner satisfaction since I know that the actions are doing good to me, the women I work with, and thus I make a small amount of difference to the world. I love being part of this community; it’s like a family working towards one goal.

Darshna Goswami

Project Coordinator at Ladli

With a master in Mathematics, jumped into Ladli 11 years ago because of the interestingness of the project and how impactful it is to the lives of the people gain work and skills from it. As a project Coordinator, Darshna is involved in creating platforms for the women to learn new vocational skills that promote employability amongst them and helps expand the group into more women and children who could benefit from the project. She also checks, curates, and controls projects taken with Baliza to ensure design implementation, and quality.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

To be honest, their smiles. Both children, and women who work here, smile a lot, and we promote a smily, lighter approach to creativity and learning. It started small, but now I am trying to expand and delegate my tasks to others, and it’s beautiful to see how grand the project is becoming, simply because of that dream of making a difference, one individual, one child, and one garment at a time.

What’s your big dream?

My big dream is that all the beneficiaries and women could start an extension in their own way in their towns, villages, or countries. I mean, it all started with the dream of making a difference, and now that we know how, it’s about sharing it far and wide so most number of people benefit out of it.

Sanjana Kawar

Class of 3rd Grade student at Ladli school.

Favourite subject: Mathematics

Biggest dream: To become a doctor when I grow up so I could contribute and make the world a better place.

Kiran Paswan

Class of 5th Grade student of Ladli School

Favourite thing to do: To learn the computer. Everything about it, from using paint, to creating presentations or simply typing.

What’s your big dream? To become a lawyer when I grow old.

Why become a lawyer? Because I want to wear the black robe, and fight for the right.

Durgavati Devi

Sustainable Artisan at Ladli

Working on Baliza’s products since last two years

Works on creating sequence on the cloths, along with intricate embroidery.

What’s your big dream? To have my own home, and get out of the rental apartment. That’d be a wonderful day.

Sudha Mishra

Sustainable Artisan at Ladli 

Working on Baliza´s collections for the last two years

Makes tassels, necklaces (accessories), pompoms for the dresses etc.

What’s your big dream?

To have the children grow up sharp and smart, and with the right education to fetch them good jobs in whatever they wish to pursue.

Kaamni Noel

Teacher and Student counselor at Ladli

Working with Ladli since last 22 years as a teacher and teaches almost all subjects.

What do you love about your job?

I have this big attachment with the kids, I love working with them. And since am involved with the project since so long, I’ve seen so many children who I’ve taught turned out to be absolutely diverse and different from each other. But I do know I’ve given an integral part of learning in their most formative years, and that gives me an intense pleasure. It gives them a direction for their lives, which most people deserve and yet not many get, and am glad am able to give that to as many children as possible.

How did you decide on teaching young kids as a profession, years ago?

Well, I love kids. And I think they’re the future. One child educated is a whole family educated. So I started since I was young, from teaching in orphanages, to shelter homes, to school on wheels, to slums – I’ve done it all and taught hundreds of underprivileged children so far. And now I’ve settled with Ladli for a while now, not just educating but giving them the right counseling for a healthy future. As long as am fit, I’d like to keep working on this. It gives me meaning and purpose.

After having taught so many children, what’s the one life lesson you learnt from the job?

To love life with balance, and complacency. Finding satisfaction in everything is important, and that has been the only factor that has defined all my life decisions. For example, most people tell me to retire already since I’ve been working since years now, but I state that why shall I ever part from work that gives me so much pleasure and happiness to simply stay idle, and think. I chose my decisions based on how they make me feel, and learn from my emotions.